James E. Lubben Named Professor Emeritus

 By Maria Palomino Boston College has named James E. Lubben professor emeritus for his many contributions to the School of Social Work (BCSSW) and the fields of gerontology and social welfare. Teacher, scholar, and researcher, Lubben is an expert on health and welfare systems for aging populations. He is also professor emeritus at UCLA, where…

Honoring Retiring Faculty

At the end of the 2017-18 school year, the School of Social Work celebrated the distinguished careers of retiring faculty members Kathleen McInnis-Dittrich, James Lubben, and Ron Ancrum, honoring their contributions to social work research and the Boston College community.

Learning Through Community Engagement

Eight Boston College School of Social Work (BCSSW) MSW candidates are engaged in a novel Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) course designed and taught by Assistant Professor Samantha Teixeira that provides hands-on experience in the context of an existing community-engaged research partnership. In the course, students design and implement a specific project, then reflect on the possibilities for using CBPR in future settings related to community development, community organizing, and academic research.

Susan Tohn

Tohn to Pilot Solution-Focused Therapy Workshops in Spanish

Associate Professor Susan Tohn and Boston College School of Social Work  alumna Suelen Yancor, MSW ’05, offer a two-day training on Solution-Focused Therapy techniques with a focus on Spanish language interventions, a project designed to help practitioners understand some of the unique cultural competencies associated with best serving Latinx populations.

Kevin Mahoney Named Professor Emeritus

Boston College has officially named Kevin Mahoney Professor Emeritus for his myriad accomplishments during his time at the School of Social Work. During 30-plus years as an academic and practitioner, Mahoney was a leader in the fields of gerontology, participant direction, and disability services.