NRCPDS Transitions Leadership; Richard Petty Named Exec. Director

Kevin Mahoney (left) and Richard Petty (Photo courtesy of NRCPDS)

Kevin Mahoney (left) and Richard Petty (Photo courtesy of NRCPDS)

This fall marked an important development in the history of BC Social Work’s National Resource Center for Participant-Directed Services (NRCPDS), when Richard Petty was named its executive director. Petty also became research professor at the School of Social Work.

Petty assumes the role vacated by Professor Kevin Mahoney, who will stay on as founding director and principal investigator at the center, the only national resource that assists states, agencies and organizations in offering participant-directed services to people living with disabilities. Mahoney will continue to oversee a new center initiative focused on behavioral health, and the three-year $1 million grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that goes with it.

“Richard comes with experience and perspectives that will be very valuable as the center expands its outreach to a new, and younger, population,” Mahoney told the Boston College Chronicle. “He’s very thoughtful and organized, and he has been on the NRCPDS national advisory committee, so he will be an excellent director for the center.”

Mahoney’s latest research will address people with substance abuse and/or mental health needs, and will strive to determine whether participant-directed approaches to care will have similar positive effects on these populations, as has already been demonstrated among aging and veterans groups.

According to the Chronicle, the center’s main initiatives under Petty will include: developing a greater role between participant-directed and managed care; building participant direction for veterans; and finding ways to address feelings of isolation often experienced by people with disabilities who are in the process of transitioning to community-based living.

We encourage you to learn more about the NRCPDS, Petty’s background, and Mahoney’s changing role by reading the Chronicle’s story.  



One thought on “NRCPDS Transitions Leadership; Richard Petty Named Exec. Director

  1. Kevin, I very much enjoyed working with you and others at the Center in 2011-12. I wish you well in your new endeavors under the RWJ grant (sounds very interesting!) and offer my congratulations to Prof. Petty as he follows in your footsteps. Eric Buch

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